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Hokay, so I've decided...

2014-12-17 16:44:15 by brujeria

That since I have a pretty decent amount of music that I haven't released, I'll be posting them up one at a time while I continue to work of my orchestral medley. The work on it is mostly done I just have to fix a few synch issues as well as mixing, well, I also need to finish up the other themes, but really mostly done. I'm shooting for either a christmas or new years realease. (most likely the latter) 

Hiatus once again

2014-09-10 19:22:12 by brujeria

yep, I know just when I was in the middle of working on two medleys! somehow my program files for Adobe have been currupted and since I never backed them up I've lost everything, and I'm feel like self loathing right now and for the forseable future. Well at least until late next year. that's when some of goals should be met and then I can move on to building a workhorse PC. 

2014 Upcoming Content

2014-05-01 14:16:27 by brujeria

So Let me tell you of my 2014 plans. I will still be making Orchestral, Classical Guitar covers and medleys per usual, albiet at a slower pace than anticipated. But most excitingly, starting mid May I will be posting Let's Play Gameplay videos with my pantented humor and commentary.  Please scootch your cootch on over to my channel and subscribe to my gaming walkthroughs and general awesomeness.


while you're at it listen to my lastest work!



new 'puter, new music

2013-12-02 20:11:17 by brujeria

check that shit out!

Hello Again!

2012-05-18 17:50:30 by brujeria

yea, so I haven't seen you guys in a while now. I feel the same way i did a few years back when I ran into my ex girlfriend. awkward but happy to see that you guys got fat and I did not. haha I've lost weight and you guys found it!!! Anywhore, I've got some big news announcements to make.

1) I am building my own desktop since I couldn't decide on what to get, I opted to build one instead. All that I am missing for a complete compy is a power supply a casing and an OS(Still undecided on that one)
2) I have a youtube page. go check it out under Elfrijoleromang. I post videos of classical arrangements of video game music. 3) I am currently working on making music for an independent film for a film festival. Don't ask me which one because I am not a film student so I don't know jack squat about film festivals.
4) I am in the middle of my application for service to the United States Air Force, I have to pay for school somehow and I'm not stupid enough to pull out a loan. So I'll try to post as much stuff here on newgrounds before I leave for basic

Whack Attack!

2011-04-03 15:50:59 by brujeria

So I've uploaded 2 of the 6 tracks from my show to this site since there is a limit to how many times i can submit content to this site. (ghey) the first track I don't really say much except the show intro and a really cool song but it has my voice in it so I had to submit. I'll upload the next 2 tomorrow so check out what I have now.

It's my College Radio Show at Santa Monica College under my pseudonym Acevez Cruz , K.I.N.G.( Kickass Informative News and Gaming), I did all the audio engineering and production for the show. I mostly used music from the good people of such as Hania and Killbill and a few others. It's not a music show so my choice in music is always varied from show to show but I like to keep a Video Game theme throughout my show

Whack Attack!


2011-03-21 23:47:35 by brujeria

BUT I managed to get my own radio show at school so I'm keeping myself busy doing that, I'm still writing music and actually working on my guitar and piano performance for my upcoming scholarship audition. I'm working on making the Radio show in tracks so I can submit my 1 hour show to this site in appreciation to all the kick ass music that I get off this site for my show

For Those who are interested

2010-05-30 00:48:31 by brujeria

In case you havent noticed I havent been on this site very much lately, because my laptop one day randomly decided to say a big "FUCK YOU" and not turn on ever again. so I have been looking around for a new computer to get and I landed on the decision to get a MacPro, now I wasn't very big on mac computers mostly in part because they never let you have any fun with customization and hacking, but seeing as I lost EVERYTHING I had been working on for the last 5 years, I think i'll take the safe route, as soon as I get it you will be notified and I will put up a funny pic to go along with this post

The year is at its end...

2009-12-15 00:42:28 by brujeria

whats your greatest memory of 09? mine is when I got into a car full of strange guys and I almost ended up on the 9 o'clock news

The year is at its end...


2009-10-29 01:34:09 by brujeria

i've just realized that I have so many unfinished projects!!! DAMN! i wish i had a new computer i can barely hear anything from my speakers so everything that i do make sucks